Regina Cashman, M.A., ADHD Coach Blog Author

Regina Cashman is an ADD/ADHD Life Coach.

After receiving her Master’s Degree, from The College of William and Mary, Regina began her career as a Social Worker, with the City of Williamsburg, Va., specializing in Child and Family Services.  Regina gained invaluable experience working with a diverse population regarding adoption, foster care, family and school issues, mental health issues, crisis intervention, and developmental and behavioral issues.

In 1986, Regina joined Human Development Associates, where she worked as a Medical Psychotherapist under the supervision of Jonathan Stolzenberg, M.D. Human Development Associates was a consortium of professionals, specializing in different aspects of developmental disabilities, in Hartford, CT.

In 1996, Regina relocated to Stamford, CT, transitioning her private practice into a nationwide online practice, ADD Coach Services, providing nationwide coaching services via phone and video chat appointments.

Regina has lived a life brimming with ADHD and Learning Differences. Some of her siblings, many extended family members, in-laws, friends and children, all have attention and/or learning differences. Some of the people in her life have chosen to pursue a diagnosis and intervention; others deny it is part of their reality. Some exhibit the typical hyperactive profile; others are not at all hyperactive. There is every ADHD/ADD type, and subtype, a wide variety of learning differences, and a real cornucopia of co-morbidities, among her loved ones. She has watched many of those closest to her succeed with, or suffer from, these conditions…depending on their degree of acceptance. A lifetime of up close and personal observations of so many, has led Regina to a deeper understanding, than she might otherwise have, of the impact these conditions can have on one’s life. She has had the opportunity to see every intervention, and treatment, put to the test in the trenches.

Because this is a condition which touches the lives of so many of those close to Regina,  she is passionate about relieving the suffering it can cause, and is committed to working tirelessly to find the most appropriate coaching tools for each individual client.


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