Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor – Part III: Getting Ready for the Appointment

Getting Ready for the Appointment:

  1. If you made the doctor’s appointment before seeing the office, read Part One,  Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor.  Make every effort to visit the doctor’s office before the appointment, if you are the anxious type, or if the appointment is for your child. ADDers do best when they are prepared and know what to expect. If all you have time to do is drive by the office before your child’s appointment, do it! Just being able to picture exactly where she is going, when told “the doctor’s office”, can reduce a child’s anxiety, making a difference between a positive experience and a negative one.

  2. If your doctor wants some of your child’s  records, don’t wait until the morning of the appointment to begin gathering them! Collecting the records will likely require several phone calls, maybe a trip to pick records up from another doctor, and/or the school, and time to go through your files and find records you hold. You will be less stressed if you plan to leave enough time to do this between when you call to make the appointment and the actual day of the appointment.

  3. If the doctor sends intake forms for you to complete before your appointment, do it as soon as you can after receiving them. If you are told to come to the appointment early, so you can complete forms beforehand, enter the appointment in your planner for half an hour before the actual time.

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This internet blog is written by Regina Cashman, M.A., an ADHD Coach with a nationwide internet practice. Regina previously worked as a Medical Psychotherapist for Human Developmental Services before opening her private practice as an ADHD LifeCoach, helping to manage the multiple interventions and psycho-education of those with ADHD. Regina's website, ADDCoach Services, is found at Appointments are by video chat. ADD Coach Services helps individuals with ADD/ADHD, and those who love them, navigate the ADD maze so as to Master their ADD, rather than be mastered by it. Please provide comments and feedback!
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