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This internet blog is written by Regina Cashman, M.A., an ADHD Coach with a nationwide internet practice. Regina previously worked as a Medical Psychotherapist for Human Developmental Services before opening her private practice as an ADHD LifeCoach, helping to manage the multiple interventions and psycho-education of those with ADHD. Regina's website, ADDCoach Services, is found at Appointments are by video chat. ADD Coach Services helps individuals with ADD/ADHD, and those who love them, navigate the ADD maze so as to Master their ADD, rather than be mastered by it. Please provide comments and feedback!

iPad at the Dining Table?

I just read Naomi Simson’s post, “Electronic Babysitters Turning Brains to Mush”, and found her post particularly interesting on the heels of my post, “Bring Back Phone Calls!” It seems the use of electronics in parenting is the latest point … Continue reading

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Bring Back Phone Calls!

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of young people in my practice who, once on their own, become incapacitated at the mere thought of making a phone call. These young adults grew up in the … Continue reading

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A Tribute to All Struggling Dad’s of ADD* Children: Part One

*For the purposes of this article, the term ADD refers to both ADD and ADHD. The Reluctant Dad This Father’s Day I want to call attention to those fathers for whom parenting their ADD* children did not come naturally. Dads … Continue reading

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How To Be An Ideal Dad to Your ADHD Child

Updated June 13, 2012 Be a Dad Deserving of Celebration Father’s Day is a day to celebrate our Dads. Traditionally, the day is set aside for father and children to spend some time together. Gifts and cards are given, and … Continue reading

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ADHD Medication and Summer Heat – Part 2

Be Proactive To Avoid Heat Exhaustion: Many ADHD medications, as well as medications for other conditions, increase the body’s sensitivity to the heat or sun. Heat/Sun sensitivity  often occurs when medication combines with proteins in the skin to form substances … Continue reading

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ADHD Medication & Summer Heat – Part I

Updated June, 2019 Know ADHD Med Side Effects: Many ADHD medications increase one’s sensitivity to the sun and heat, increasing chances of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you, or your loved one, are taking medication for ADHD, check the listed … Continue reading

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Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor – Part III: Getting Ready for the Appointment

Getting Ready for the Appointment: If you made the doctor’s appointment before seeing the office, read Part One,  Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor.  Make every effort to visit the doctor’s office before the appointment, if you … Continue reading

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Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor – Part IV: Getting Organized

Get Organized: Purchase: 3 ring showcase binder tabbed 3 ring binder dividers  lined loose leaf paper a 3-ring CLOTH pencil case      a portable 3 ring-3 hole punch 2 different color highlighters     2 NEW pens    2 different size, brightly … Continue reading

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Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor – Part II: Make Your Appointment

Make Your Appointment: Now that you have chosen your doctor, it is time to make the first appointment. Before making that phone call, be sure to check  your work and social calendars, your children’s school calendar, and their extracurricular activity … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes: Mothers of ADHD Children: Part Four

Moms: Re-evaluate Your Priorities: With so many demands on the mothers of ADHD children, it is easy to lose oneself in the midst of caring for your children. The most important thing a mother can do for her children is … Continue reading

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