Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor – Part II: Make Your Appointment

Make Your Appointment:

Now that you have chosen your doctor, it is time to make the first appointment. Before making that phone call, be sure to check  your work and social calendars, your children’s school calendar, and their extracurricular activity schedules, to have a clear idea of your availability. Have a pen and paper handy when you call, with several of your preferred date and time options written down. Have your insurance card available, as well.

When you call:

  1. Before any other conversation, schedule your appointment.   

  2. If the appointment is for a child, ask if the doctor would like copies of previous medical and school records. If  “yes”, ask for specifics, and write down exactly which documents are needed. The doctor does not have the time to read your child’s 3″ file, look through all of his artwork, homework, and teachers notes home. There are some though, who do appreciate formal evaluations.

  3. If you missed reading Part 1, Preparing for Your First Visit to Your ADHD Doctor, then you may not have thought to visit the doctor’s office before making an appointment. If you are not familiar with the office, ask

  • Ask for directions. If you are told they will be mailed to you, but you have trouble with written directions, ask for specific landmarks close to the doctor’s office. Many ADDers do better to watch for the “McDonald’s on the corner of the main intersection, just after the gas station”, than they do with “go 3 miles and take the 4th left at the 2nd light.”

  • What is the parking like? If parking is an issue you need to factor that in to your travel time by adding an extra minutes to search for a space, and still get to your appointment on time.

  • If the appointment is for your child, ask about the waiting room. Is there a play area? Or will your child be expected to sit in a seat and wait quietly? If so, it would be a good idea to pack a few books, some small, quiet fidget toys, and a healthy snack & water bottle.

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This internet blog is written by Regina Cashman, M.A., an ADHD Coach with a nationwide internet practice. Regina previously worked as a Medical Psychotherapist for Human Developmental Services before opening her private practice as an ADHD LifeCoach, helping to manage the multiple interventions and psycho-education of those with ADHD. Regina's website, ADDCoach Services, is found at Appointments are by video chat. ADD Coach Services helps individuals with ADD/ADHD, and those who love them, navigate the ADD maze so as to Master their ADD, rather than be mastered by it. Please provide comments and feedback!
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